Who are we ?

French manufacturer of dressing rooms, closet fronts and outfitting solutions


We create and manufacture functional and decorative solutions adapted to each of your projects...

Located at the heart of the Agropole industrial state in Le Passage d’Agen, the Optimum factory extends over an area of more than 17,000 m² and produces more than 1.3 million closet doors each year.

Optimum factory Optimum factory  Optimum factory

Service :long term guaranteelong term guarantee

All our products have a long term guarantee covering the mechanical components, for OPTIMUM satisfaction.


French productionWe undertake to offer closet doors combining quality and style, thanks to 100% French production.

Our products are tested according to strict reliability standards to guarantee their long service life. We pay particular attention to the moving mechanisms which are subjected to the most stress throughout the product's service life.

   The closet doors are then packaged individually with carefully studied protection systems Logo PEFC     and transported upright to avoid any pressure.
   We have PEFC certification for all of our standard and custom doors and the panels we use comply with the E1 regulations.

Optimum factory Optimum factory Optimum factory



Optimum's production equipment is modernised to minimise any physical tiring tasks for its employees. The equipment is very futuristic and every year we invest in improving and replacing our production equipment

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Optimum factory Optimum factory



The production processes we use incorporate an eco-responsible approach: sorting and recycling of waste, energy production via the photovoltaic roofs of production units, greenprint packaging, working with printers with the Imprim’Vert label who use vegetable-based ink, etc. The environmental question is also essential for our Research and Development teams.

The roof of our factory is equipped with a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 1214 kWc capable of supplying 368 homes with green electricity. 

Optimum factory Optimum factory Optimum factory



  • 1981: creation of the company by Mr Guérin.
  • 1993: integration of the company in the Parisot group, change in the
    size of the company and development of efficient production tools. Optimum factory
  • 2008: strong development of the company in the custom sector.
  • 2013: Optimum becomes the leading player in the Europe, marketing 1.6 million closet doors.
  • 2014: commitment of the company to a CSR policy.
  • 2018: Optimum innovates and registers several patents for interior door ranges. Continuous improvement of closet door components. 2018 also marks Optimum's arrival in the glass panel and swinging interior door market: Rénove Porte and door units.




  • 180 employees, including 23 salespeople
  • Almost infinite combinations: choice of more than 80 decorative designs for custom closet doors
  • Three production sites around Agen covering an area of more than 20,000 m²
  • More than 1.3 million closet doors produced per year