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Taking measurements for your waredrobe space

How do you take measurements of a waredrobe space?

Answer :

measurements of a waredrobe spaceMeasure your opening space

use millimeteres as a unit of measurement. Measure in two places the height (A and B in the diagram below) and the width (C and D in the diagram below).

  1. Step 1: Measure the height:

    The height must be measured from the floor to the ceiling. Take the average of the two measurements.

    Note: the difference between the two heights must not exceed 10 mm; if it does, provide wedging of the top rail or the bottom rail to level it out
  2. Step 2: measure the width:

    The width must be measured from wall to wall. Take the largest dimension.
    This will obtain the ideal dimensions of your closet/waredrobe doors


If A = 2450 mm, B = 2445 mm, C = 1200 mm and D = 1205 mm.

  • The height will be (A+B) / 2 = (2450 + 2445) / 2 = 2447.5 mm.
  • The width will be 1205 mm.
  • The ideal dimensions of your closet doors are: H 2447.5 x W 1205 mm.