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Installing waredrobe doors

How do you install closet doors?

Answer :


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Sliding doors installation

 Installing closet doors is not difficult. Nevertheless, you should carefully follow the following steps:


  1. Lay your pack flat.
  2. Open the protective plastic film and take out the installation instructions.
  3. Remove the polystyrene wedges of the first door, leaving the protective black corner pieces in place to begin with.
  4. Lift the door up and leave it standing vertically.

preparing the doors:

  1. Remove the four plastic corners and insert the top runners/wheels at the top of door
  2. At the bottom of the door, pre-adjust the bottom rollers: use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw located on the top of the casing until the roller is unlocked by the spring. Proceed in the same way for the other roller and then remove the polystyrene wedges and stand your door up.

preparing the tracks:

  1. Lay the top rail flat on wedges or trestles, with the inside towards you..
  2.  Drill a 3 mm hole at a distance of 5 cm from each end of the rail, and then every 50 cm, alternating the holes in the rear track and the front track of the rail.


  1. Attach the top rail on the edge of the walls, flush with the recess. NB: The top rail must be solidly screwed in place with fastenings adapted to your support (not supplied). 
  2. Insert a door in the rear track of the top rail, tilting it towards you before lowering it into the rear groove of the bottom rail. Check the verticality of your door using a level. Move your bottom rail forward or back as required to obtain verticality.
  3. Mark the position of the bottom rail by drawing a line at the back of the rail and then remove the test door.
  4. Attach the bottom rail in accordance with the nature of your floor: either by screwing to the floor or, if you cannot use screws (heating floor, tiling, etc.) by using a double-sided foam adhesive tape (not supplied).


  1. Install the first door in the rear groove of the top rail.
  2. If your doors lean, you should adjust the height by unscrewing the screw on the top of the casing of the bottom roller, right or left depending on the case. Proceed in the same way for the following door.