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Glass panel quality

How do you know if a glass panel is high-quality?

Answer :

This is a sensitive topic because there are numerous glass panels available on the web and in DIY stores. 

First of all you need to study the material of the glass panel: aluminium? steel? MDF? wood?

The most noble material and the one that lasts the longest is aluminium. It presents the best value for money. 

This is followed by steel and lastly MDF. The rendering and the quality of your glass panel mainly depends on the material of the profiles.

French manufacturingYou must then look at the material of the glass panels: glass? Plexiglas? plastic? 
Manufactured in France  The noblest and safest material and the one with the best rendering is glass. Concerning glass, there are several thicknesses and qualities. The glass we propose is 4 mm thick. In addition, it is tempered glass, i.e. it resists bending and major impacts. Also, if it is broken, it shatters into small, non-sharp fragments.
Our glass panel is manufactured in France.