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Choosing a door unit

How do you choose a door unit?

Answer :

The choice of the door unit depends first of all on the thickness of your partition. There are units specific to each partition thickness. 

You will therefore need to measure your partition thickness and find the corresponding door unit. 

There are also door units adjustable to all partition thicknesses. This type of product saves time and above all frees you from the burden of taking measurements and eliminates the possibility of errors. The adjustable door unit adapts to all partition thicknesses: from 74 to 97 mm. 

Following this, various points are important in the choice of your door unit: 

  • Sound insulation: does your door unit have a sound insulation seal? essential for isolating two rooms.
  • Type of lock: mechanical lock or magnetic lock? the better quality lock is the magnetic lock.
  • Guarantee: it often guarantees quality. A high-quality product will lead to a guarantee.
  • Aesthetic appearance: the choice of decorative designs available and their aesthetic appearance. 


All of these criteria are met for the Optimum door unit: sound insulation seal, magnetic lock, 2-year guarantee and choice of highly aesthetic decorative designs.


Adjustable door unit